Opening night of the DTS


And finally began the Discipleship Training School!

On Monday June 15 we had the opening night of our first school of the year, which received the word in

Job 42:4-5


"Hear, I beseech thee, and I will speak:

I will demand of thee, and declare thou unto me.

I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear:

but now mine eyes seeth thee"


With students from Chile and Ecuador, and six leaders as staff, we believe that the next six months are going to be a time of constant and mutual growth, knowing God and making Him known.



A week with "Hola"


"Hola" stands for "Hour of Latin Awakening", and is also the name of a christian ministry of the Southeastern University in Florida , USA. 17 students and 3 leaders of the team are traveling through several countries across South America (Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia), and we as base had the privilege to host them and accompany them on their journey through the city.


During eight days, we were ministering in churches, organizing evangelistic campaigns in important places, visiting nursing homes, approaching "cartoneros" (recyclers who work in the street) with a plate of stew, interceding for the nation in front of Congress, serving in the base, etc. Certainly a week of tremendous blessing for our city.




On Wednesday June 3 we were part of the movement "Ni Una Menos" to protest against the femicide. Across the country, Argentines were called in several cities, and marched to put the Law on Protection of Women (Law 26,485) in action. Around 17hs, more than 150,000 people gathered in the Plaza Congreso, expressing their pain and anger. You could sense In the air feelings of lack of justice, abandonment, powerlessness, indignation.  


It was the ideal place to intercede, declare the truth to the media and be light in the midst of the storm. We add also the #NiUnoMenos, alluding that we disagree with legal abortion.


Missionary Tea for Latvia


Maybe the name "Latvia" is not familiar to you. But don´t be alarmed, it´s normal, I'll explain why. Not long ago Latvia was not called Latvia and it belonged to the Soviet Union (USSR). They didn´t use the euro as it´s official currency, but the ruble, and they didn´t speak latvian (as in all other member states of the Soviet Union) but russian. And its old national motto "Workers of the world: unite!" changed dramatically into something very different: "God bless Latvia!".
All these changes may seem completely unrelated to the mission, but the reality is that God has begun an interesting work in this country and every day we see Him reaffirmed in the lives of over 2 million people there. YWAM daily bless Latvia since 1993.
Interestingly, one of the connections that unite YWAM Argentina with YWAM Latvia is the marriage between Janis Polis and Silvana Escalante, important missionaries, now serving in Latvia with major challenges. While the 80% of the latvian population is christian (in different denominations), there is still a remaining that has distanced itself from God. However, the central problem remains in the attempt to revive the church that today is completely blinded by the secular and humanist ideology that affects all Europe, North America and various cities around the world.
So we have a good reason for intercession. That is why the initiative of "Tea for Latvia" is already bearing fruit in Latvia, in Argentine and worldwide. Let´s all keep praying.


June Summary


This month we celebrated the opening of the Discipleship Training school (DTS), a 5 month school designed to take students into greater intimacy with God and discover their calling. The school is 3 months theory and two months practical we are expecting God to do great things in and through the students in this time.

Our leader Angelica was busy this month, traveling and ministering in several YWAM bases in Puerto Madryn, Punta Arenas (Chile), San Clemente y Bariloche. The Counselling Ministry alongside Angelica have been ministering inner healing classes in Discipleship Training Schools in the CNO (National Center of Prayer) and Ituzaingó. They have also been teaching seminars on marriage and the family as well as prevention of addictions. We continue with the part-time counselling school which runs every Saturday. 

We were also blessed to receive a team of 20 students from a Christian University in Florida. For 10 days we worked with them as they ministered in local churches and spread the good news in the streets and parks of Buenos Aires through music, skits, sports and lots more. We saw many people give their lives to Jesus and many people touched by God.        

In the evangelism ministry we continue serving a plate of hot stew and showing the love of God to our cities recyclers (cartoneros) and homeless in the recycling centre in Paternal. We are also visiting several retirement homes and hospitals where we offer a variety of activities from playing games and performing skits to giving manicures all with the purpose of sharing the love of God. We also spent a day with the church in La Tablada in the slum La Godoy where they run a ministry for children.

We also participated in a march against the violence of woman which was titled “ni una menos”. We took banners and signs declaring the word of God in the midst of the march and from the balcony of the CNO, YWAM’S national prayer centre, located in front of the congress building we prayed and declared the word of God to the crowd below.

We are pleased to invite you to our missionary tea which will be held the second Friday of every month, this month we will be connecting with missionaries in Albania and sharing hot tea and cake as we learn about what God is doing in Europe.


Missionary Tea for Albania


Beautiful time during the missionary tea for Albania. We learned about their culture and traditions. Did you know that mother Teresa of Calcutta was albanian? Or did you know that almost 80% of the population are muslim? In the last 10 years more than 1200 mosques were built. It is also the poorest country on the European continent, and one of the most corrupt worldwide. Football is the most popular sport, and they watch brazilian, colombian and argentinian soaps.  "Esperanza Mía" is a hit nowadays!


While having cake and tea, we communicated with Eduardo and Rose Piña (he is from Chile, she, Brazilian), a missionary couple in Albania since early this year. Let´s pray for their rapid adaptation in the society and for them to learn the language as quickly as possible.